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IRON INFUSION (60ct) - $40.00                                   IRON INFUSION (8oz) - $50 2X CONCENTRATED

iron Infusion




Iron Infusion offers iron and oxygen enriched herbs from Africa, Mexico and South America. These multi-mineral herbs promote

overall good health, addressing the heart, brain, blood and central nervous system. Iron Infusion is specially formulated to fight inflammation while nourishing and strengthening the entire system. All of the desired ingredients found in Dr. Sebi's Green Food and Iron Plus formulas have been infused infused to make a cohesive formula. Iron infusion is also great for other illnesses such as anemia.

Key Ingredients: Stinging Nettle & Chaparral

Stinging Nettle is very high in iron, potassium and silicon. Nettle has been used to purify the blood, reduce inflammation

and increase the output of urine. Chaparral has been used in alternative medicine for a variety of illnesses from the common cold to sexually transmitted diseases. Chaparral is not only rich in iron, but has been used as a blood tonics to nourish and purify the blood.

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